Bring frictionless NFT validation to your customers

Elevate your brand and customer experience by providing easy & secure NFT validation to your communities.

Enhance customer engagement by rewarding your fans with exclusive perks & benefits by leveraging existing NFT projects.


Supercharging customer experiences

Secure NFT Validation

Ensure that every perk or benefit claimed is made by an actual user and prevent double spends on campaigns.

Gasless Interaction

Each validation request doesn't incur any gas fees for you or your users.

Effortless Integration

Whether you are a business owner or a community manager, it only takes 2 steps to set up your validator!

Business Intelligence

Get actionable insights for your business by leveraging our built-in analytics solution for campaigns.

Smooth User Experience

Effortlessly enhance customer engagement & satisfaction with our user-friendly interface.

Reward Customers

Offer exclusive perks & benefits to your fans or NFT communities who visit your store or events.

Addressing the challenge

At ELVTD, we strongly believe in the potential of utility-backed NFTs. That is why we embarked on this journey to help brands and communities around the world maximize the potential of their NFTs.

It all began when we built the world's first physical NFT validator for communities to use during meetups to verify their holders. We were then approached by many brands and businesses to help build solutions and offer our insights in Web3. After helping a number of brands enter the space, we realized that there was a common problem.

More brands wanted to give benefits to their holders, more communities wanted to host private events, and more businesses wanted to increase engagement, but there was no easy way to do so. It was extremely tedious and time consuming, and brands were losing out on precious time and resources to enable these benefits. That is why we decided to build a full-fledged solution utilizing our NFT Validator, putting the community & the user experience at the heart of what we do.

Elevate your brand today

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Unlock the power of utility-backed NFTs.